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Blon BL01 and BL03 connector mod for upgrade cable

Blon has many budget high quality earphones in their Arsenal and the BL01 and BL03 has been the most Bang for Buck is their releases. Although the build quality of the earphone shells are top quality, they had to cut corners on their cables to achieve the low cost. In theory any 2 pin recessed cables will work as they have the standard pinout but those will extend outwards too much and are more prone to damage.

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QDC Connector

Both the BL01 and 03 uses an extruded 0.78mm 2pin connector which at first looks similar to the ones on QDC and UE, but users who have those upgrade cables or looking to DIY cables for them would be disappointed to find out that they do not fit at all. Also the Blon pinout not reversed. The QDC UE connectors are rounded but the Blon are rectangle.

Today we are going to show you the workaround which will only take a minute or 2.

Set them down on a piece of bluetack and use a pen knife and chamfer the corners of the by slicing them. The soft plastic is very easy to cut through. Be very careful though, because your fingers are ironically also very easy to cut through.

The DIY connectors should now fit properly and you can start to build your very own blon cables!

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