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Blon BL01 teardown reveal

Updated: Mar 13

The BL01 is one of the latest low cost high quality releases by Blon. We have a link to the full review by perrivan audio reviews and you can check it out below.

Buy Blon BL01 here

The BL01 has a solid built metal shell with an extruded 2 pin connection. They utilizes a single 10mm Bio-Fiber Diaphragm Dynamic Driver, whatever that means. There are no sound port at the back of the shell but there is a tune port at the Nozzle side.

Metal shelled IEMs are a pain to mod but comically easy to open up. Set the Iem on top of a piece of blue tack. Heat up the shell slightly to melt the glue using a heat gun or a lighter. Slot the blade of a pen knife into the part line of the shell and pry it open.

On the inside of the faceplate, we can see the back of the female connectors being glued down by epoxy. These will be a pain to replace should it be required but it's a $20 IEM anyway so this will only be a DIY only project. We can find the long ass named driver on the Nozzle side of the shell. Take note the tune port is not visible from here.

Upon removal of the Nozzle dust cover using a needle, we can see the driver directly. There is no tuning involved apart from the tune port beside the Nozzle and the back bass port of the driver.

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