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Blon BL03 reveal

The Blon BL03 is easily the best sound earphone in the current budget category. Released in 2019, they still hold. the ground very well against the newer budget offerings. You can check out perrivan audio's review.


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The BL03 is built out of a solid metal shell and uses an extruded 2pin connector which is similar to the QDC connectors but is square in shape and in a different polarity. The stock cable is just there to make it work and is a tangle monster to deal with. The shell faceplate sports a smooth and shiny finishing while the main body has the branding and L/R marking. A small tuning vent can be found beside the nozzle.

Cutting into the shell is no easy task as they used glue not only on the shell perimeter but also on the legs holding the 2 part together. We can use a liberal amount of heat and a fully extended pen knife blade to cut and pry the shell open with much force.

The inside of the shell is simple, with nothing on the face plate side. The main body houses the 2 pin connector glued down by epoxy and the gold colored 10mm carbon diaphragm dynamic driver. Removing the dust guard on the nozzle will reveal that it is a damper film used to smooth out the sound. There is nothing else in the nozzle and we can see the driver from here.

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