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KOSS Kph30i MMCX detachable cable mod

In our previous video, we have gone through how to open up the earcups of the KOSS Kph30i. If you have missed the video, you can find it in the description or up here. From there, we can perform any form of modifications and repairs and today we will be specifically performing an MMCX detachable cable mod on these.

The Tools and parts required are as follows:-


  1. Soldering equipment

  2. Dremel / small needle file

  3. A/B Epoxy Putty


  1. Female long MMCX connector

  2. Enamel coated wires

  3. Ready soldered mmcx and wire connector

We will start off with a set of disassembled Kph30i. On the earcup assembly, we can identify the exit point of the cable. We will be installing our mmcx connectors here. Use a Dremel, or a small needle file and grind down on the exit hole, deep. This is to ensure that the mmcx connector will not touch the soldering pads on the drivers when they are fitted back.

Prepare the enamel coated wires and female MMCX connectors. Apply a thin layer of solder on the soldering pads and solder the red positive wire to the center pin, and the blue negative wire to the casing.

Desolder the Original wires from the drivers. Take note where the positive and negative wires goes, and make a marking on the driver itself. Solder the enamel coated wires on the female connectors onto the drivers.

Mix the A/B Epoxy putty and press them into the exit hole area of the earcup. Install the mmcx connectors and compact all the epoxy putty around it. Make sure the connectors are straight, close up the headphone and remove any excess epoxy on the exterior.

The epoxy will take about 3 hours to set so do not plug in any wires during that time.

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