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KOSS Kph30i Teardown Disassembly Guide

The KOSS Kph30i is one of the 3 popular, low-cost models from the modern KOSS line of portable headphones. As it has been around for a long time, there are older units out there in need of a repair, or a replacement ear cushion. Today we will be going thru the simple steps required to disassemble your own set of KOSS Kph30i.

The whole disassembly process will only take a minute or 2, and you will only need a flat head screwdriver (or a pair of tweezers as we did in the video).

We will first need to understand how the headphone is put together. There are 3 clips holding the earcups to the driver assembly. To change the ear pads, we will need to take them apart. The clips are facing towards the centre of the driver, which makes it tricky to pry them open without damaging the fragile clip.

Be very careful here as you slide the screwdriver into the gap. With your hands, push the driver assembly towards the direction of the screwdriver. Once there is some pressure, pry the assembly up with the screwdriver and you should be able to hear a “pop” sound.

Do the same for the other 2 clips and the earcup will be separated from the driver assembly. You can now proceed with replacing the earpads or any other repairs or mods.

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