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Mooondrop SSP teardown reveal

Mooondrop audio has been dropping quality products one after another and we got our hands on the Super Spaceship Pulse for a reveal!

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Moondrop SSP Review by perrivan


The SSP sports a 6mm beryllium plated dome dynamic driver and comes in a variety of colors, much like it's sibling the SSR, the reference version, which sports the exact same design and build. The 2 pin female connector used here is one that is of a slightly better quality and we could expect a longer lifespan.

The shell design is very compact and resembles the campfire audio Vega. The metal construction is super solid and is hands down the best built IEM not just in this $40 price range. The one I have has a matte navy blue with gold accent provided by a large Hex screw on the faceplate which goes all the way through and is visible at the back. This is an indicator that the IEM will be easy to open up.

The cable, much like the shell, is very well built. The thick, tangle resistant PVC transparent insulation exposes the beautiful inner twisted silver plated copper wires. The cable no doubt is built to last and it sure feels that way.

Upon removing the beautiful golden torx screw, we initially suspected that there was glue involved and was reaching for our torch. But when we slide the pen knife to the part line, the shell could pop right off.

The ease of disassembly however didn't make much sense once we observed the insides of the IEM. The female connector was permanently glued to the shell instead of being slotted into a bracket. Any repair or replacement work will require glueing the connectors to the shell and will also require a connector with the exact same dimension.

We can see the 6mm driver housed into the nozzle assembly, the exact same way the Vega houses their 8mm driver. Upon removal of the beautiful but thin dust cover, we uncovered the sound damper inside the nozzle. This is all the tuning involved with the IEM and we suspect the difference between the 2 different models to be the damper values used. Would need a set of SSR to confirm.

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