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Shure E4C Mmcx mod

We have gone through in our previous video, how to do a teardown of the Shure E4C which can be found in the link below. Now let's explore how we can give this old IEM a much needed refurbishment!

This article is only meant to be a guide and we are not responsible for any damage or injury to your equipment or yourself if you should attempt it yourself.*

For the Mmcx detachable cable mod, we will need the following equipment:-

Clickable links below for tools and parts.


  1. Soldering Equipment

  2. Dremel / Needle file

  3. Tweezers

  4. Epoxy Putty

  5. Needle and super glue


  1. Round Mmcx Female connector

  2. Enamel coated wires

Once the IEM has been disassembled, the first thing we will need to do is to desolder the wires from the ribbon cable and remove the old wire and rubber strain relief from the shell.

Using a dremel or needle file, grind down on the exit hole of the wire on the shell and enlarge it to be able to fit your female Mmcx connector.

Prepare the female Mmcx connector by applying a layer of solder onto the solder pads. Solder the red enamel wire to the centre pin, which is the signal, and the blue to the exterior which is the ground.

Mix the A/B Epoxy Putty in a 1:1 ratio and wrap the putty around the female connector. Push the connector into the exit hole where we had just worked on earlier and make it sit flushed to the body of the housing. Remove all the excess putty with a pen knife.

We will then solder the wires onto the ribbon cable, where the red wire will replace the previous signal wire which is also the red wire, and the blue wire to the ground.

Glue the shell part back using a needle and super glue. Pour a small amount of super glue on a piece of unwanted plastic. Dip the needle into the droplet of glue and apply them along the edges of the shells. Close the shell, wipe off any excess glue and hold them together for a minute using your fingers or a clamp.

Once the glue has set, proceed to reinstall the spacer ring, the silicone o ring, and finally the Nozzle and the screw on metal housing. The mod is now done and we have to wait for about 2 hours before plugging in a cable as the epoxy resin has yet to harden.

As a reminder, this guide is only for entertainment and educational purposes, do proceed with caution if ever you would like to do the same. We hope you have learnt something new today!

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