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Shure E4C Teardown Reveal

The Shure E4C was released in 2005 as a Dual Balanced Armature In-Ear Monitor using a "Tune Port Technology" to enhance the bass response. After nearly 2 decades, we can still find them around the market in working condition albeit with failing wires and rubber parts. The way old things are built are surprisingly durable compared to the newer Earbuds or IEMs we see now. So today we will be doing a detailed guide on the disassembly of the E4C.

This article is only meant to be a guide and we are not responsible for any damage or injury to your equipment or yourself if you were to attempt it.*

For this disassembly process, you will only need a craft or pen knife, a small prying tool and a set of damper removal tools.

To open up the shell, unscrew the metal housing nearest to the tip of the Nozzle. Remove the silicon O seal ring and the metal spacer ring. From the back of the IEM housing, slot your knife into the part line and do a sideways prying motion. Once the shell separates a little, insert your prying tool or in our case, my fingernail into the slot and continue to pry along the whole length of the part line until the shell loosens. Once the shell is loose, remove the top cover to expose the drivers.

Wriggle the wires from the outside of the housing inwards and then gently pull them out from the insides of the IEM. Be careful not to pull onto the ribbon wires on the drivers. The dual driver is housed in a plastic compartment and it is best advised not to try and remove it due to the age of the IEM and the high risk of damaging the coils.

Using a damper removal tool, remove the sound damper from the Nozzle. The E4C uses a green Knowles damper.

That concludes the teardown for today. As a reminder, this guide is only for entertainment and educational purposes, do proceed with caution if ever you would like to do the same. We hope you have learnt something new today!

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